Are you looking to acquire new clients, connect with your customers, increase your sales results, set up a win back programme or enrich your database?

Koramic2Engage supports you with effective and personalised B2C or B2B sales campaigns.


Your customers are in need of support, have questions about your product or organisation?

Koramic2Engage takes care of your customer interactions, 1st or 2nd line, from your offices or at our locations, 24/7 if needed, and treats your customers’ questions in the most optimal way possible.

Customer Engagement

Get a full 360° management and view of your customers. Thanks to our seamless platform we integrate all your channels into a single dashboard and manage your multi-channel customer interactions with a dedicated team of customer care professionals to delight your customer.

Data Collection
& Analytics

We collect information about your customers and their interactions. This information, is translated by our business intelligence department into directly usable knowledge, giving you valuable and unique insights to further optimise your customer care department.

Automation &

Standard interactions do not always require the intervention of a customer service advisor. Discover new digital opportunities such as smart routing, RPA, IVR, SMS, Self-Service solutions or even Artificial Intelligence.

*In Accordance With GDPR guidelines. We offer no databases.

Customer Experience services



Telephone communication still remains the most popular channel . New features such as speech analytics take these interactions to the next level.

Icon_Comm-channel_Social media

Social Media

A vital communication channel to any business, for which we offer continuous monitoring and proactive responses.



Email is still the preferred route for on-the-go customers. It is a cost effective and straightforward solution easily integrated with the latest contact center innovations.

Text Messages

SMS is a very effective and convenient tool for organising one-way provision of information or two-way customer engagement. With proven success in outbound push campaigns and (t)NPS measurements.

Icon_Comm-channel_Instant messaging

Instant Messaging
& WhatsApp

A fast-growing channel and popular among online shoppers. Instant and asynchronous messaging can happen live in multiple languages.

Icon_Comm-channel_Self service


Self-service has quickly become the default option preceding most telephone interactions. It allows customers to quickly identify the services they are looking for.


Focus on People, Processes & Technology

A strong sales focus


Shoring models