The evolution of customer contact

The Evolution of Customer Contact

Customer contact and customer support are in constant change. New insights, about the value of customer service, and the release of new technology make organisations change the way they look at the customer service department. Discover how the evolution of customer contact changes thinking patterns and creates a new way of working.

Customer service creates value

In recent years, the customer service department, be it internally or externally run, has gained deserved attention. The mindset that customer service is just a necessity and only costs money is no longer accurate. Organisations acknowledge the value because customer support not only takes care of client problems but also increases customer loyalty and csat, actually saves money for the company, offers valuable customer and market insights,…

The customer is in control

Where organisations used to be the leader in the contact with the customer, the customer is now in charge. After all, the customer determines where, when and which interaction takes place. Customers have become more articulate and are expanding their expectations of organisations. As an organisation it is hard to let go of control but this new customer pattern should be embraced. Customers who wish to connect are of great value for your organisation and facilitating them in the technology & type of channel of their choice is therefore key.

Human & digital work together

Customer service is no longer separated from other departments or communication channels within the organisation. The customer contact professional needs to be informed of the customer’s history across a company’s various communication channels. After all, the customer expects the company representative to have all the information available due to the evolution in customer contact. An important element here is that technology works hand in hand with the customer support professional so that information can be quickly viewed in a dashboard. Digital solutions like artificial intelligence & chatbots can only replace standard interactions and the technology also needs to support the customer service agent with knowledge intensive interactions. Agent experience is therefore primordial to ensure a good customer experience.

Very often companies find the above mentioned ways of working logical. Having the knowledge or intention is one thing, creating awareness throughout the organisation and changing working methods is another. How do you guarantee continuous evolvement of your customer service within your organisation?

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