Press Release: Call Center Consortium stops collaboration with Yource

Contact Tracing Corona

Sunday November 28th 2021 – The call centers IPG, IN2COM, Call-IT (Koramic2Engage), N-ALLO and Callexcell, which are responsible in consortium for the Flemish contact investigation, explicitly distance themselves from the irregularities that would occur at Yource.

In anticipation of the outcome of an external investigation, which in the meantime has been launched on behalf of the “Agentschap voor Zorg en Gezondheid”, the consortium has decided, after consultation with the agency, to immediately discontinue the collaboration with Yource. The remaining call centers will provide full cooperation to the external investigation.

The call center consortium was given the extremely important task of helping to fight the covid pandemic in May 2020 and has been doing its utmost for public health in Flanders for more than a year and a half.

The experience and expertise in the contact center sector has proven to be a significant added value. Contact research will continue to be essential in the near future and will be continued unabated.