Koramic2Engage takes a big step forward towards sustainability with the annual planting of 2,500 trees.

Sustainability is an important value for Koramic2Engage as well as its employees. In addition to recycling and the application of a smart energy policy, the organisation is certified as an Ecovadis Bronze Company. But is doesn’t stop there. Koramic2Engage is thrilled to announce their next initiative: the annual planting of a company forest of 2,500 trees. A big step forward and a unique initiative for the customer contact industry.

We spoke with Bert Vanmanshoven, Chief Commercial Officer at Koramic2Engage, and Aletta Janssen, Sr. Relation Manager Partnerships at Trees for All, about the impact of this initiative.

Why is it important for Koramic2Engage to take part in ecological initiatives?

Bert V. – As a local market leader in customer experience, we have a massive responsibility towards our 4,000 employees. After analysing the value profiles of our employees, we learned that sustainability was a value that was held in high regard. Although our organisation already had projects running with Ecovadis, we felt we had to do more. Not only for the beneficial effects on climate, biodiversity and living conditions, but also for our future and current employees as well as business partners. On top of that we are also convinced that even companies in the customer contact sector, which are not often thought of in the context of corporate social responsibility, can make a difference.

Aletta J – Trees for All already works together with more than 1,000 business partners. Big or small, they are all committed to a green and healthy earth. We are glad that Koramic2Engage, as part of the customer contact sector, has also joined this community. Together, we are able to carry out many afforestation and reforestation projects, thereby making the world a healthier place. 

Bert Vanmanshoven

What does the initiative from Koramic2Engage look like in concrete terms?

Bert V. – To take that next step in sustainability, we started looking for local & global ecological initiatives and ended up at Trees for All. Trees for All has been around for over 20 years and supports (re)forestation projects all over the world. These projects always have an impact on three aspects: a better climate through CO2 sequestration, more biodiversity and healthy living conditions. This was exactly what we were looking for and together we started working on the initiative of planting an annual company forest of 2,500 trees.

Thus, we not only yearly start the approximate uptake of 250 tons of CO2, over the entire lifespan of the forest, but we also support various projects locally and abroad.

Aletta J. – Koramic2Engage chose 2 projects this year: The further expansion of forests In Limburg and the restoration of forests in Western Madagascar. This way, the projects are not only ecological but also social projects because the local population will be closely involved in the planting of trees, maintaining and protecting the new forest.

What is the impact of this initiative?

Aletta J. – More trees means more forests. Forests are not only important for oxygen production, they also provide protection and a home for people, animals and plants. Trees purify the air, they absorb CO2 and they return oxygen. Forests regulate the climate, are essential for the water cycle and counteract erosion and desiccation. The trees we plant are a means of sequestering carbon and restoring biodiversity. But they also serve to improve the incomes of the local population. It’s not only our projects that make an impact. We also work on raising global awareness of the importance of trees.

Bert V. – Aside from the positive impact on the environment and the fact that we contribute to valuable projects locally and abroad, we are taking a big step forward and setting an example for other companies in our sector. Positivising the image of our trade and giving the right attention to the values that our own employees and business partners hold dear.

Why is Koramic2Engage’s contribution important to Trees For All?

Aletta Janssen

Aletta J. – At Trees for All, we dedicate ourselves with heart and soul to a forested earth every day. We believe that we can make a difference if everyone contributes a tree. That is why we are very happy with the cooperation with Koramic2Engage. Through our partnership, we will inspire and motivate others to join in as well. This way, we can plant many trees to create forests.

Bert V. – We also realise that there is still a long way to go in the context of sustainability, but together we are already taking further steps in the right direction.

An annual CO2 uptake of over 250 tons (over the entire lifespan of the forest), more biodiversity, a better climate, healthier living conditions and employee appreciation are all advantages of this initiative of Koramic2Engage. In this way Koramic2Engage is writing the next chapter in its sustainability story.

In December, this initiative will be translated into practice with the first trees being planted.
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