Koramic2Engage supports ILGA-Europe

At Koramic2Engage and our subsidiaries respect, diversity and maintaining a good & respectful working environment are essential priorities. This year Koramic2Engage decided to take these principles to the next level. With the start of Pride Month, Koramic2Engage is pleased to announce that we are a proud supporting partner of ILGA-Europe, the driving force for lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans and intersex (LGBTI) equality in Europe and Central Asia.

What is ILGA-Europe?

Anna Shepherd, Partnerships Manager, ILGA-Europe: ILGA-Europe is an international non-profit umbrella organisation uniting more than 600 LGBTI organisations. ILGA-Europe works for and with LGBTI activists in 54 countries across Europe and Central Asia in the journey towards a world where every LGBTI person is free, equal and safe. ILGA-Europe drives positive political, legal and social change for LGBTI people, provides resources for activism across the region and amplifies voices.

Why does Koramic2Engage support this organisation?

Bert Vanmanshoven, Chief Commercial Officer, Koramic2Engage: In working together with our 3700 employees, respect for our people and responsible behaviour are essential values in our organisations. These values apply to different aspects of our day to day working routines and collaboration with our colleagues that correspond to our equal opportunity policy. As an organisation we share the same commitment as ILGA-Europe to support LGBTI rights and envision a positive and inclusive workplace culture for all our staff members, regardless of their actual or perceived sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression and sex characteristics.

Why is the support from Koramic2Engage important for ILGA-Europe?

Anna Shepherd, Partnerships Manager, ILGA-Europe: Support from companies, like Koramic2Engage, that share our vision of a world where LGBTI people can live in freedom and equality has a real impact. It’s not only about mobilising vital funding, but also about raising awareness and advancing acceptance of LGBTI people. In addition to being committed to creating an LGBTI inclusive workplace, the donation from Koramic2Engage will help ILGA-Europe continue leading positive change for LGBTI communities.

More info about ILGA-Europe: https://www.ilga-europe.org/
More info about the engagements of Koramic2Engage: https://koramic2engage.com/about/#ligaeurope