Koramic2Engage publishes digital corporate HUB on De Tijd

Koramic2Engage publishes a digital corporate HUB on tijd.be (De Tijd, Mediafin), the leading business newspaper in the financial and economic field in Belgium. Via this digital platform Koramic2Engage shares articles about the various developments within the customer contact sector.

Knowledge sharing

WIth over 30 years of experience, Koramic2Engage has an extensive knowledge of the customer contact market and has seen not only seen the evolutions within the sector but also has a clear vision of future developments. The goal is to share this knowledge and connect with interested people and organisations. The platform of De Tijd offers this unique connection with this specific audience.

Evolution & Future

On the platform you can find out more about Koramic2Engage but you also get access to unique sector articles. With the launch of the platform Koramic2Engage already releases 5 articles about e.g. The evolution from callcenter to customer experience center, The challenges of HR, CSR, Strategic partnerships and the Digital development of the sector. One by one, informative and unique articles based on actual cases. More articles will be added throughout the year.

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