Koramic2Engage launches an intuitive ‘working at’ website

We want to make it clear to candidates that Koramic2Engage is an employer who handles the working relationship differently. That is why we took a closer look at our entire recruitment procedure. Traditional recruitment methods have been replaced by a value-driven selection procedure. From now on, we will focus on the value fit with the candidate, which constitutes the basis for a long-term partnership.

The focus is on the candidate

For a long time, the required competencies formed the standard for evaluating a candidate. Today, a people-oriented selection procedure that maps out the match with our company and job values has taken over. Because it’s that match that determines whether or not someone will feel good in a job, team or organisation. This new procedure makes for an objective foundation for a long-term collaboration.

Our new ‘working at’ site offers an overview of all jobs in the Koramic2Engage contact centers: IPG, In2com, ContactExpert and Call-IT. But there’s more. You can put together your perfect job through a job menu and discover how working at Koramic2Engage is truly different. In addition, you can find out more about the fun extras our offices have in store for you.

Thanks to an intuitive filter function and transparent job descriptions, candidates quickly understand what our expectations and benefits are.

“At Koramic2Engage, we invest in sustainable jobs thanks to a close value fit.”

Hilde Janssens – CHRO – Koramic2Engage

The selection process where value connection and technology go hand in hand

  1. The value fit: a screening tool that reveals to what extent a candidate and our organisation share the same company and job values. No match? Then the value profile remains available and introduces you to companies that do form a match.
    The objective foundation for a long-term partnership.
  2. The competence scan: a situational judgement test that examines how the candidate reacts in specific work situations. The key question: do these reactions match our working methods?
    Interaction reinforces Koramic2Engage’s employer brand.
  3. Finally, we meet: an interview online or at one of Koramic2Engage’s locations. Is there a match on both sides? Then we prepare an offer for the candidate!
    Transparency promotes mutual trust.

Can’t wait to discover our brand new ‘working at’ platform? Then take a look at jobs.koramic2engage.com