Climate Change: How to become an environmentally friendly & sustainable business?

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In our previous article, we described the current status of climate change in our economy. But how can businesses play a positive role in this story? And what are the advantages of an eco-friendly approach? The first steps towards a sustainable business Changing your business is not something you do alone. Embrace your most important […]

Climate Change: How businesses are part of the challenge and the solution!

In addition to everyone’s individual role, the professional world also has a major impact on climate change, both positive and negative. But how can organisations position themselves in this context and play a positive role? Impact on businesses As we all know, the concentration of greenhouse gases has increased significantly over the last decade. These […]

How to use WhatsApp in customer contact?

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With over two billion users, WhatsApp is one of the most important instant messaging platforms in the world. The application is no longer a platform that is used only for private communication, but has made its way to businesses and helps them to get in touch with their customers. So, let’s take a moment to […]

Koramic2Engage publishes digital corporate HUB on De Tijd

Koramic2Engage publishes a digital corporate HUB on (De Tijd, Mediafin), the leading business newspaper in the financial and economic field in Belgium. Via this digital platform Koramic2Engage shares articles about the various developments within the customer contact sector. Knowledge sharing WIth over 30 years of experience, Koramic2Engage has an extensive knowledge of the customer […]

Koramic2Engage supports ILGA-Europe

At Koramic2Engage and our subsidiaries respect, diversity and maintaining a good & respectful working environment are essential priorities. This year Koramic2Engage decided to take these principles to the next level. With the start of Pride Month, Koramic2Engage is pleased to announce that we are a proud supporting partner of ILGA-Europe, the driving force for lesbian, […]

Koramic2Engage launches an intuitive ‘working at’ website

We want to make it clear to candidates that Koramic2Engage is an employer who handles the working relationship differently. That is why we took a closer look at our entire recruitment procedure. Traditional recruitment methods have been replaced by a value-driven selection procedure. From now on, we will focus on the value fit with the […]

The Evolution of Customer Contact

The evolution of customer contact

Customer contact and customer support are in constant change. New insights, about the value of customer service, and the release of new technology make organisations change the way they look at the customer service department. Discover how the evolution of customer contact changes thinking patterns and creates a new way of working. Customer service creates […]

Press Release: Call Center Consortium stops collaboration with Yource

Contact Tracing Corona Sunday November 28th 2021 – The call centers IPG, IN2COM, Call-IT (Koramic2Engage), N-ALLO and Callexcell, which are responsible in consortium for the Flemish contact investigation, explicitly distance themselves from the irregularities that would occur at Yource. In anticipation of the outcome of an external investigation, which in the meantime has been launched […]