About Koramic2Engage

Koramic2Engage is the customer contact portfolio of the Koramic group* and includes IPG, In2com, Call-IT & ContactExpert. With over 30 years of experience, the group offers an outstanding range of customer contact solutions. This is done through an ideal combination of human persuasiveness and technological innovation. In this way, Koramic2Engage is able to support its clients achieve the right customer expectations, while also lifting the customer experience to the next level.

*Koramic2Engage is a 100% subsidiary of the Koramic group, based in Courtrai, Belgium. The Koramic group is a privately owned investment company active in industrial, financial, service and real estate activities. Koramic operates in 20 countries.



Customer experience is more central than ever. And in an environment that is increasingly digitised, every moment of contact is of great importance. This is true for both your organisation and the end customer. Moreover, no need is the same, which is why Koramic2Engage invariably opts for a personalised approach tailored to your organisation and your customers. Thanks to our many years of expertise, we help our clients determine how to establish the most ideal partnership, in order to achieve the best possible results for their end customers.

Its wide range of technological resources, automated processes and data analysis capabilities, enhanced by the shared group knowledge and the continued commitment of its trained employees, allows Koramic2Engage to continue to invest in technological trends and evolutions without affecting the guarantee of a qualitative, sincere and above all human contact moment.


We believe in a world where dignity, freedom and full enjoyment of human rights are protected and ensured to everyone, regardless of their actual or perceived sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression and sex characteristics.

That is why we support ILGA-Europe in their mission to drive positive political, legal and social change for LGBTI people and amplify their voice.

Together we raise awareness and advance the acceptance of LGBTI people in Europe & Central Asia demonstrating our commitment to a positive and inclusive workplace culture.

Trees for All

Together with Trees for All we contribute to reforestation projects by planting 2,500 trees/year.

Trees produce oxygen and store carbon. Forests are important for biodiversity and create a healthier climate and better living conditions.

With 10 trees absorbing 1 ton of CO₂ over 50 years, our annual contribution starts the storage of 250 tons of CO₂, over the lifetime of the forest.


As a bronze certified Ecovadis company we demonstrate our actions on 21 indicators in environment, labor & human rights, ethics & sustainable procurement.

In this way we work on a daily basis on becoming more sustainable.


First Telecommunication Activities

The first activities of Koramic2Engage, part of The Koramic Group, in the field of telecommunications & customer contact started In 1999 with the founding of IP Globalnet. This organisation consisted of 2 divisions: IP Globalnet Solutions and IP Global Care & Contact Centres. IP Globalnet Solutions focused on software development (diallers & telephone, switchboards) and PC support (via a help desk on site). While Global Care & Contact Centres focused, as the name implies, on customer contacts.




Between 2000 and 2008, IP Globalnet grew through the acquisition of smaller, related companies. In 2000, Teleserv joined, followed by Paratel a year later. Eurocall joined IP Globalnet in 2003, with Directel completing the list.




In 2010, IP Globalnet was renamed IPG Group. In December, IPG Group took over Go Excellent, a Dutch outsourcing company, including its site in Belgium. The onsite offer was extended and consolidated through this acquisition. IPG Group also entered the ICT sector, and internationalisation got underway. At the end of 2012, IPG opened a site in Rabat (Morocco), driving business forward at a steady pace.



IPG, In2com & The Ring Ring Company

2013 will be remembered for several notable acquisitions. BizXsell set the ball rolling. Several months later, the acquisition of SNT Belgium followed, making IPG Belgium’s largest contact centre. The Dutch company IPG BV added Call Center Benelux to its portfolio. Since the last quarter of 2013, ‘IPG’ was chosen as the brand name. After the acquisition of SNT Belgium at the end of 2013, IPG resolutely opted for integration. This process was completed by the end of 2014. 2014 also is the year of the acquisition of in2com (previously Sitel Belgium) and The Ring Ring Company which is a specialist in digital client interaction solutions. Every possible synergy is an opportunity!




Expansion continues and in 2015 The Experience group and in 2017 Call-IT, with branches in Belgium & The Netherlands, became part of the organisation. There is a strong focus on both further increasing efficiency and on strengthening ties with customers. Consumers used more new channels and new systems to contact companies, and clients expected increasingly strong expertise in this field. Our clients’ products, services and business models became ever more complex, and the labour market was far from stationary. In this context, Koramic2Engage explicitly played a leading role.



Koramic2Engage: Human & Digital

Koramic2Engage stops acting in a holding position and begins approaching the market in a more commercial way. Koramic2Engage becomes the shell that bundles the standalone entities IPG, In2Com, Call-IT & ContactExpert thereby delivering a unique customer contact offering in the Benelux, with an ideal combination of human persuasiveness and technological innovation. In addition, Koramic2Engage focuses strongly on creating added value by using data and technology in a smart and innovative way. This enables Koramic2Engage to further contribute to the realisation of the Customer Satisfaction & TCO objectives of its clients.